Monday, November 05

closed / geschlossen


Tuesday, November 06

DCMB Showcase

Start 00:00

Kaiser Souzai [Ballroom Records]
Memo. [DCMB]
Sanja Lapsin [DCMB]
Bazeja [DCMB]



Wednesday, November 07

closed / geschlossen


Thursday, November 08


Start 00:00






Friday, November 09

Music Lab

Start 00:00

Alejandro Paz (Cómeme, Bromance, Huntleys + Palmers)
Local Suicide (Roam, My Favorite Robot)
Alejandro Molinari *LIVE* (Logical, NEIN)
Juarés (Parenthesis)



Saturday, November 10

Inverted Audio x Newtype Rhythms

Start 00:00

Jacques Bon
Troy Gunner




Sunday, November 11

closed / geschlossen


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